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The Fuel Juice Bar System is designed to provide goal oriented shakes and smoothies that deliver maximum results while never compromising taste!  Fuel supplements and powders are a custom blend of the perfect ingredients.  Created in a state of the art facility by pharmaceutical experts, Fuel products are of the highest quality available.  This allows the Fuel program to surpass all expectations.  Fuel offers results with providing everything you need and nothing that you don't.

Three Protein Powders

Fuel MRP (Meal Replacement):  These delicious shakes are designed as an adequate 'meal' substitute and are packed with protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.  It is perfect for refueling a depleted body and providing ideal nutrients for quick, efficient, and effective recovery.

Fuel Whey Protein:  Low in carbs and calories, and high in quality proteins.  These shakes contain soluable enzymes that permit the body to easily digest them.  This allows protein to be quickly and readily available for muscle repair, ensuring faster muscle growth post workout.

Fuel Muscle Mass:  Packed with carbs along with many essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.  These shakes can actually be considered a MRP, but the main difference between the two powders is the carbohydrate count.  With approximately double the carbs, Muscle Mass is ideal for intense workouts providing lean muscle growth and increased energy levels, while also burning fat in the process.

Additional Supplements Available & Their Purpose

Creatine - Increases Muscle Size and Strength 

L-Glutamine - Muscle Growth and Recovery

Energy (chromium, garcinia cambogia extract, guarana extract,L-Carnitine, green tea extract) -Increase Energy and Thermogenic Fat Loss 

Fat Burner (chromium, pyruvate) - Burns Fat 

Caffine - Energy and Mental Alertness 

Fiber - Decrease Hunger and Increase Absorption

Vitamine B-12 - Essential for Metabolism of Carbs, Fat and Protein

Echinacea - Immune System Support 

Ginseng Pro - Elevate Mood and Increase Energy

 Fuel Juice Bar is open to the public! 

The Forum offers Great Nutritional Plans

Our Personal Training Staff can customize a diet just for you.

According to the Metabolic Effect Protocol, 10 rules of fat loss nutrition are: 

Rule 1: Eat 4-6 small meals per day.

Increase the amount/volume of food you eat during the day without increasing the calories by eating foods with more water, fiber, and protein like fruits, vegetables and lean meat.


Rule 2: Do not eat past 8:00 PM.

Sleep helps to release human growth hormone(HGH) which is a powerful fat burning and muscle building hormone.


Rule 3: Use the bite rule for starch and sugar.

The major trigger for fat storing insulin release is starchy foods and sugar like bread, pasta, potatoes, cookies, crackers, rice, etc. Limit starch/sugar intake to 3-10 bites a meal.

 Rule 4: Eat the right fats.

Certain fats like omega 3 from fish and grass fed animals actually can turn on fat burning genes by interaction with cell receptors called PPARs.


Rule 5: Eat protein at every meal.

Protein releases the fat burning hormone glucagon which directly opposes the action of insulin and help burns fat. It also aids in muscle gain and helps you feel less hungry.

 Rule 6: Use bars and shakes for quick meals.

These should be used as small snacks in between meals to decrease hunger, provide building blocks for muscle, and stabilize energy.


Rule 7: Learn the Metabolic Effect Label Rule.

If you subtract the fiber and protein from the total carbohydrates on a label, the total should equal ten or less. The lower the number, the better.

 Rule 8: Avoid foods that increase hunger.

Coffee, synthetic sweeteners, and sweet snack foods increase hunger because of their effect on stress hormones and insulin.

 Rule 9: Always eat breakfast.

The biggest mistake you can make in the morning is not to eat, as you will soon find out yourself on a roller coaster ride of cravings, hunger, and dips in energy all day.


Rule 10: Never let yourself get hungry.

Once you let yourself get hungry, all bets are off. Eat every 2-4 hours and eat before you feel any desire for food.

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