My experience at The Forum has been one filled with motivation and support as I began pursuing my fitness goals that I once believed I might never reach.  With the help of the encouraging staff and the knowledgable personal trainers I began working out and changing my nutritional habits while maintaining consistent effort and a disciplined routine.  I became more confident in myself as I noticed positive changes in my body and found myself looking forward to going to the gym.  The Forum community has helped me in my journey to becoming a better and healthier person.  To me, The Forum has become much more than my place of fitness and newfound friends, it is a place of life change.  

Thank you Forum!  Elaine Canup


The classes at The Forum, along with the continued encouragement of the instructors and trainers have kept me going.  My 'go to' classes are Metabolic Effect with Clem, BodyPump with Phil and Cardio Kickboxing with Jess.  My schedule doesn't always line up, so make no excuses and just 'show up' to do something for yourself.  That's the hardest thing I've ever had to learn.  There are so many inspirational people at The Forum.  Your biggest supporter is the belief in YOU that you can do this!

Michelle Lockhart


Clem has been my personal trainer several times over and has always provided me with excellent care, adapting my programs to my specific health needs and personal goals.  He starts you where you are and helps you get where you need or want to be, providing positive reinforcement and encouragement at every step.  He's helped me recover from the effects of chemotherapy and surgery to my ankle.  Currently he is helping me regain muscle strength and balance after a major fall.  When I need help, he's my 'go to guy'!

Kathy Kruckel


I have always been that "chubby kid."  Nine years ago, I was in a horrible car accident and had to have 7 surgeries to repair my knee, hip and hand.  I decided in May of 2015 that I would eat right and exercise as often as I could.  As of 2/4/2016, I have lost 86 lbs and I feel great.  I couldn't have done it without the help of everyone at The Forum!

Matt Davis

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