The Ti-Fit Workout Program offers a wide variety of effective workouts for participants. Each workout has a unique focus, whether it be strength training, HIIT work, core conditioning, muscular endurance, all for the purpose of sculpting the body, getting stronger and losing fat.

A variety of equipment is used and you are instructed on how to use, proper form and how to scale your workout up or down depending on your fitness level and range of motion. ANYONE can do this.

Videos of each movement are posted should you choose to workout on your own, or if you choose the class option, a trainer will demonstrate the workout and then coach you through it. Below is a very simple example of a workout we have done in the past that was very popular.

We recommend the 6 week progrm for those just starting out. And for those returning Ti-Fit workout fans we have a variety of options for you to choose how much class time you want.

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